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Fun stuff experiences

  • Play your own adventure with me!


    Want me to take you and your friends on an introductory one-off campaign? I will be your Dungeon Master. We set up to play over the internet. Up to 3 hrs of gameplay with me voicing characters, creating challenges, fun stories, etc.

  • Play a game!


    What better way to socialize with each other than having me participate as a player in a fun game! Done over zoom/discord/other. Tabletop, Video games, Party games, you name it. Approximate time is 1 hour, but it is flexible depending on game.

  • Personalized Behind-the-Scenes Look


    Be among the first to get a glimpse of our next music video. Get an exclusive look (just for you) from my perspective, during the filming of our epic music videos. (Without giving anything away of what song)

  • Unique playlist for any of your occasion needs


    I love discovering new music, and will create a unique playlist for a specific occasion of your choosing.

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