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Have Mike Missanelli promote your business, product or charity. Just submit the promo details and budget


  • Voiceovers

    Do you have the video and just need an announcer? Send me a script & I’ll provide the voice. An audio file will be delivered to you upon completion. Additional info about the project will also be helpful.

  • Video message for your staff / colleagues / teams

    Looking to surprise your staff with a video message from me? Send me some info & I'll record a video message to share some good news, remind them of any important occasions, announce winners or even just send them a shout-out for doing a great job!

  • Keynote speaking or live, in person appearances

    Want to book me for an in-person appearance or as keynote speaker at your event? Send me enough information (where / when / what you require) and we can coordinate through the system. Once I have sufficient information, a final upfront fee will be shared requiring your confirmation to secure my attendance

  • Video message to promote your company/product

    Tell me about your business/product and I'll send you a video message you can use to promote your product/business on social media for 90 days. Please avoid any word-for-word scripts and rather tell me the most important information I need to include.