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Fun stuff experiences

  • Video call with me!


    30 min Facebook Messenger of chit chat

  • Nutritional guidance


    Let me help you meet your nutritional needs

  • Personal training with a video guide


    I’ll create a custom home workout with a personal video guide

  • Personal training


    1 month of training for home workouts

  • Skin care advice


    Need skin care help? I’m here!

  • Makeup critique


    A beauty makeup critique

  • Motorcycle ride


    Even in quarantine we go for safe rides. Join us in a video as we ride and a shoutout from patrick and myself

  • Michael Westmore makeup critique


    A sfx or beauty makeup critique by michael westmore

  • Drawing lesson with Patrick Tatopoulos


    Enjoy a 30 min Skype with Patrick Tatopoulos to draw

  • Singing


    Have a favorite song? Let me sing for you

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