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Travis DesLaurier

Travis DesLaurier was born on June 16, 1985 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For 10 years he owned and operated construction companies in the residential and commercial sector before entering into the entertainment industry. He then started utilizing social media and went viral with a few Million followers on different platforms, and moved to Los Angeles in 2017. The past few years Travis has created content for brands by writing, directing, and editing his own material with their products. He’s been so successful at it, he wrote a book called “Time To Shine,” on Amazon which bio’s a little into his life and how to market yourself on social media. He also teaches classes on social media marketing and does private consultation to help people manage and grow their brands. He’s very well known as an international fitness and fashion model, with almost 80 book covers, billboards, and big magazines like Muscle and Fitness. He Sponsored by companies such as Bang Energy, Fashion Nova, Manscape etc. Upon special request, Travis gets asked to do live hosting at events and shows. Some of his work has greatly help the community with raising awareness and money for such associations as Wounded Warriors Project, Stray Cat Alliance, and various other animal rescue shelters. On his spare time he attends several Celebrity gifting suites, Major events, and private screenings. Along with his daily regiment of training weights, basketball, and parkour, he’s a license Sky Diver with the United State Parachute Association. When he’s not filming, he's training Acting at JRS Studios, Stunts with Daniel Locicero, UCB improv comedy etc. Travis has been growing extremely fast in the acting industry the past couple years, starring in Features Films, Shorts, TV/streaming shows, National Commercials, Hosting, and Non-scripts shows like Ultimate Tag on Fox Prime Time. His agents and managers keep him full time busy with auditions, and filming. He has also bridged into writing, directing and acting in his on short films for festivals. The most recent one called “Can’t Sleep,” has already been released. Look to see him on the silver screen shortlymore
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