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Video shoutouts

Celebrate your ' everyday moments with a personalized video.

1:1 Interactions

Let’s Chat!

Respond to the DMs you already receive from . The best part? Get paid for each interaction sent.

Give your the gift of social cred by posting, liking or following them on the channels of your choice.

Esther Ku, Comedian

"I always wanted to connect with my people on a secure platform and lets me do exactly that."

Esther Ku, Comedian

Fun Stuff

Offer unique, tailor-made content (custom playlists, ringtone recordings, beauty tips, workout routines) that your can't get anywhere else.

The sky’s the limit! Fun Stuff is specifically tailored to you, your areas of expertise, or things you’re passionate about. It’s a one-of-a-kind offering for your that you’ll have fun with.

Personalized Merch

Offering autographed merch is the perfect complement to all the other experiences on your . Make it easy for your to snag some cool merch or one-of-a-kind items (the hat you wore in a video, the shirt from that Instagram pic).

Make your merch even more special for your by including a customized inscription. You can offer whatever you’d like.

Commercial requests

Get paid at a commercial rate by a small business who wouldn’t have had any other method to reach out to you. Who doesn’t like being compensated fairly for a business request? It’s your call to accept, or counter, after reviewing the request.

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